To live life through a Better Perspective

Delivering therapy through direct and digital channels, complemented by resources that foster understanding, growth, and transformation in mental health.

Better Perspective Therapy was created to provide a welcoming space for all individuals to feel accepted and valued – for who you are.

Gain a Better Perspective

Better Perspective therapy was founded for all individuals to feel heard, accepted, and valued.  My therapeutic approach is rooted in empathy, warmth, honesty, and an unwavering commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking positive change in their lives.

Our Services

Individual therapy is a dedicated space for nurturing self-awareness and enhancing one’s ability to navigate life’s challenges. This collaborative process between the therapist and the client is rooted in evidence-based techniques and tailored to the individual’s unique needs. Together, we will embark on this healing journey to empower you to embrace a better, healthier perspective on your mental wellness.


Do you find life to be overwhelming? Stressors, whether they’re relationship conflicts, work-related issues, identity challenges, or major life transitions, can result in anxiety, depression, and a diminished sense of self-worth. Together, we can navigate these obstacles and embrace a path to healing.

Are you ready to prioritize yourself?

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